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the shape of sound

Installation and performance at Anglican Church

Did you know that we have technologies within our bodies?

We can say that these technologies are ‘embodied’.
Our bodies too have an ability to communicate and experience the world through touch and being touched by what is around it. 
One of these embodied technologies is hidden within our ear. It was crafted millions of years ago.
A significant part of hearing takes place through a range of modes from vibration to pressure to touch.
The installation ‘The Shape of Sound’ is an artist impression of hair cells inside the cochlea of the inner ear combined with dance artists exploration of deep listening and movement.
Working with materials that made Coventry a centre of the textile industry, wool and silk, we invite you to (re)discover the intelligence of our bodies through moving and making.
As we familiarise ourselves with internally crafted technologies we journey back in time through some of Coventry’s historic sites.
We will be at the Performance Studio at the Institute for Creative Cultures (Coventry Technology Park) during the Being Human Festival on November the 11th and 16th.
Next year, we will move to the Anglican Church in the London Cemetery, and our last stop will be the apple store at Charterhouse, a monastery founded by the Carthusians in the 14th century.
Each site opens up new questions about hearing, voicing and silence.

About Us

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Lily Hayward-Smith

Lily is a Research Assistant at C-DaRE, an editor for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices and events curator. Lily completed a Masters in Dance Making and Performance in 2009 at Coventry University. She was co-director for Decoda until 2017. 

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Petra Johnson

Petra Johnson (PhD) is an artist-researcher. She was Lead Artist at the Lijiang Studio Residency Program in the Naxi village Jixiang, Yunnan, China from 2018 - 2020. She has exhibited at the German Pavilion, Shanghai EXPO; Shanghai Biennial and Art Berlin a.o.

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Dr Karen Wood 

Karen is a dance practitioner/ researcher/ educator. She works at the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, as Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Birmingham Dance Network.

Louisa Petts

Louisa Petts is a postgraduate researcher studying at the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University and is the recipient of the Arts and Humanities Research Council studentship award offered by Midlands4Cities Doctoral Training Partnership. 

Louisa Petts Headshot S.jpg
Dr Vipavinee Artpradid completed her PhD in dance, disability, and audiences at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University in 2020 and was Postdoctoral Research Fellow at C-DaRE from 2020-2021.

For enquiries please contact Lily Hayward-Smith