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What do hearing people not hear?

In this section, you will find a selection of thoughts
to a range of questions

Tero Mustanen The ice singsTero Mustanen
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What does sound do?

"It leaps across fields'
Raymond Antrobus
from a paper given by AM Kanngieser
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How we listen and how we hear.
Sound artist Tom Tlalim on a humanities-based access to the experience of living with cochlear implants
(see also

Extract from a talk given
12th April 2021 at SARU.
Shared with permission from Tom
Tom Tlalim extracts SARU 12-4-21 - 13 minutes
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Tom Tlalim and Seo Hye Lee SARU 12-4-21 - 4min55sec
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This is listening without hearing In this 5min extract Tom Tlalim and Seo Hye Lee blank out their sense of hearing. Tom wears sound exclusion headphones and Seo has taken off her hearing aids.
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